• Er is een onbekende netwerkfout opgetreden op Instagram

    If you are a daily user of  Instagram , you may have encountered a warning "An unknown network error has occurred".

     Instagram is the world's favorite online app for sharing social networks. It has just taken the world of photo sharing to a whole new level.

     However, sometimes Instagram displays error messages.


     What does 'An unknown network error occurred' mean?


     This notorious error appears as soon as you try to log in to your Instagram account. This is a common error and can appear at any time while logging in to Instagram via the application.

     There are no such specific reasons for this error and there are no exhaustive rules for correcting this error. You can easily remove this error by following a few simple steps.

     In general, this error appears to be the result of some network problems and can be easily resolved.

    This error only resembles the mobile Instagram application and if you sign up via the Instagram website, you may not encounter this error.

     You can follow these strategies one by one and I hope that each of them can work for you and that you may be able to resolve this error quickly.


    Restart your mobile


     The first and easiest way to eliminate Instagram Unknown Error is to restart your mobile session.

     Keep pressing the on / off button on your device until it restarts.

    •  After restarting the device, open the Instagram application.
    • Enter your login details.
    • Tree! You are no longer confronted with an unknown network error.


    Check internet connection


     Sometimes this error occurs as a result of your web affiliation.

     If you have a poor web connection or have a low speed, there is the prospect that you will just come across this error while logging in to the Instagram application.

     So the simple solution would be to change your internet connection and log in again to another internet connection.

    •  If you use a Wi-Fi network, switch off your router for 5 minutes and restart the connection.
    • Immediately afterwards you log in to your Instagram account and you will be logged in successfully


    Clear data and cache


    Here comes the most important solution for this error.


     Sometimes cache files from the Instagram application can cause this error, and therefore the easiest way to resolve this error is to delete the cache files on Instagram.

    •  Go to Settings> Applications of your mobile phone,
    • Search for the Instagram application, tap it.
    • Then tap the Clear Cache button.
    • Then tap Delete data.
    • Now open Instagram again.
    • Log in to your account.
    • Tree! You will be logged in.

     Check the date and time of the device

     If the date and time of your device are not set correctly, there is a problem with the "An unknown network error has occurred" error in the Instagram application.

    •  Open the normal Settings section on your device and go to the Date and time section.
    • Set the date and time selection to automatic and save your choice.


    Update de Instagram-app


     If one of the above methods has not worked, there is another solution.

     It is updating your Instagram application.

    •  Open the Store on your mobile phone and search for the Instagram application.
    • Then you must tap the Update button and have the Instagram fully updated.
    • Immediately after the update is complete, open the app and log in to your Instagram account.




     This problem can be too much to tackle if you have little or no experience with things like this.

     That is why it might be a wise choice to get professional help from Instagram Help. Some mistakes are just too many to understand and find a unique solution. If you have problems with your Instagram, you can contact Instagram Telefoonnummer .

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